Minimum Time

Most  estate sales last no more than one weekend.  Preparation, including advertising, taking inventory and pricing each item takes a week to complete, and every item (if you choose) will be gone and the paperwork completed within a few days of closing.  

How do you Price the priceless ???

The cookie jar with the chipped lid that you gave Aunt Mary when you were six may be worth hundreds of dollars or only a few cents.  Uncle Bob's old fishing lures may be worth $2.00 a box or $250 each. Whether dividing property among family or converting it to income by having an estate sale, a professional consultant can maximize income and reduce the time and stress that often accompany the process.

Every item Carefully Researched and Priced

Shari knows the market value of most items, and she and Meagan carefully research those which are unusual or which may be of high value.  Their goal is to bring you the highest revenue possible.

Professional estate services
Maximum Income -- minimum time and stress

Maximum Traffic

In addition to placing online and in-print advertising, Shari brings hundreds of potential buyers who visit every sale and a list of resellers who often buy the few items remaining after most sales.  Complete liquidation, if desired, can be achieved in a single weekend!


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